Anxiety Support

Using evidence-based strategies to help you manage
your fears and worries, while understanding and uncovering the root cause of your anxiety.
You may have arrived here if you...
  • Seem very well put together on the outside, but struggling internally with excessive worrying, “what ifs” and worst-case scenarios
  • Constantly self-sabotage or second guess yourself
  • Experience overactive mind, racing thoughts and often overanalyzing/overthinking
  • Often feel overwhelmed, have difficulty managing stress and not feeling confident in your own abilities
Whatever your reasons are, I am so glad you’re here and willing to take the next step. Read on to see if my services and supports around anxiety might be of help to you.
Anxious thoughts can make you feel emotionally and mentally exhausted.
You may have noticed that over time, these anxious thoughts may lead to:
  • Desire to avoid certain people, situations, tasks or behaviours.
  • Fear of failure, judgement, rejection or abandonment.
  • Trouble getting things done or overcompensating by being a perfectionist.
  • Afraid to take risks and having low self-confidence.
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering important details, staying focused and being in the present moment.
Excessive anxious thoughts can also lead to difficulty sleeping and staying asleep, which can impair your judgment. Over time, this becomes a perpetuating issue that interferes with your ability to effectively problem solve or gain new insights within yourself.
I hold space for you to share and talk about your worries without judgement.
In our work together, my hope is to help shift and reframe the way you think about yourself, others and your situation so that you can find more inner peace. 
I aim to assist you in better understanding your worries and anxious thoughts and uncovering its root cause. Most of our negative thoughts about ourselves and others stem from our past experiences and upbringing, which no longer serves us now. 
To help you find ways to cope and manage your stress and anxiety, while allowing you to take a step back, slow down and reduce your racing thoughts and worries, and feel more grounded and confident in yourself. 
If you are ready to do the work and find inner peace, please reach out and book your free 20-minute consultation.
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My experience with working 
with anxiety
I have over 13 years of experience working in the mental health field providing anxiety support and working with people struggling with a wide range of anxiety issues.  Anxiety is a normal part of human experience but it can get in the way for many as opportunities become limited when we avoid people and situations that cause us fear. 
Using Mindfulness-based practices in my work with clients helps them understand the purpose anxiety serves in our lives and to better understand the nature of our overactive mind. Through mindfulness and grounding practices, we learn not only to slow down our mind and ourselves, but also to help cultivate more awareness within ourselves. Over time, we aim to reframe and re-shift our narrative and perceptions of ourselves, others and the world around us. 
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