Healing from
Childhood Trauma

Helping you heal from your childhood pain and difficulties so you can
start reconnecting with your authentic self.
You may have arrived here because...
  • You experienced a rough childhood while growing up in your home
  • You come from an Asian culture where your parents and elders had high expectations of you and lacked communication and emotional support
  • You suffered abuse, neglect or other harsh treatments and situations in your childhood upbringing
  • You often feel unseen, unheard and unloved
  • You felt you were walking on eggshells around your parents and your parents were inconsistent with their parenting styles
  • You come from a culture where your parents taught you to “suck it up” and not talk about your feelings and needs or that your elders knew best and to never question them
Whatever your reasons are, I am glad you’re here and willing to take the next step. Read on to see if my services and supports in helping you navigate and heal your childhood wounds might be of help to you.
You might have coped by putting aside your needs and feelings to please others or have become overly attached to others or you keep people at an arms length.
You might have learned to shut down your emotions and not learn to trust them because it was engrained in you that feelings were a sign of weakness or a nuisance. Over time, the more you avoided your feelings, the more you disconnected with your sense of self. 
You may have difficulty being intimate and being vulnerable with loved ones. You might be viewed by your partner or friends as someone who is cold, distant and overly independent.
Or you might have learned at a young age that since your parents were inconsistently available, you needed to cope by attaching your identity to others. You may be overly dependent on others and have difficulty doing things on your own and finding sense of autonomy. You might be viewed by your partner or friends as someone who is needy, clingy and dependent.
If you have found yourself here, you may be someone who is currently struggling with anxiety issues, stress, depression, low self-esteem and self-worth, or having relationship issues. These are issues that do not come out of nowhere and are often linked to our past childhood upbringing. In order to better understand and manage our struggles now, we must first understand the relationship between our past and how it affects us in the present.
I welcome where your healing journey may lead.
In therapy, our work together involves ways to mange your anxiety, depression, stress, and improve self-esteem and relationships. 
We will also create space to better understand the deeper underlying issues that stems from your childhood trauma and how that feeds into your issues of anxiety, low mood and relationship issues. 
Through this understanding, the hope is to help you deepen new insights within yourself which will be the catalyst for change and to help you accept your past so you can focus on healing yourself. You will be supported in undertaking this journey together in a non-judgmental, safe and secure space.
If you are ready to take this step and embark on this journey to self-recovery and healing, please reach out and 
book your free 20-minute consultation. 
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My experience with working 
through childhood trauma
I have been working in the mental health field for over 13 years and the underlying issues of trauma in childhood is a common theme that often comes up. I primarily work with people within the Asian community whose mental health and behaviours have been impacted by generational and cultural influences of our parents and ancestors.
I have a huge passion for helping my clients understand how their difficulties have come to be and how it continues to keep them going even if it no longer serves them. I strive to hold space for clients who may not have had the opportunity to feel heard while growing up. I love understanding my clients' behaviours, patterns and tendencies from an attachment perspective.
My goal is to use my knowledge and experiences through my clinical training to foster a space to help you heal from past wounds, to gain more clarity in yourselves and to develop a stronger connection to self. To help people be more accepting and letting go of things that no longer serve them.
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