Overcoming Depression
& Low Mood

Providing you with a safe space to be vulnerable and to help you manage
difficult emotions.
You may have arrived here if...


  • You are a high achiever and well-accomplished but internally struggle with feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life and with yourself
  • You make others believe everything is okay, while persistently experiencing a low level of sadness, depression, and hopelessness
  • Being harsh and critical is something that comes naturally for you and happens frequently
  • It’s hard for you to accept and receive compliments and often easy for you to minimize your achievements and efforts
  • You put other’s needs before your own and over time your jar feels depleted
  • Getting out of bed has been difficult and feeling disinterested in things that used to bring joy
Whatever your reasons are, I am so glad you’re here and willing to take the next step. Read on to see if my services and supports around low mood and depression might be of help to you.
You might cope by wanting to isolate yourself, shutting down and pushing others away.
You might be feeling disconnected, hopeless, helpless, unfulfilled and unhappy with yourself. If left unaddressed, your self-esteem and self-worth will be affected which will continue to maintain your feelings of sadness, anxiety, and disconnection.
It might feel difficult to muster up the energy to get things done. Your attention and efforts for self-care falls to the wayside, and you have difficulty seeing the good side of situations.
You may find yourself being selective or hyperaware of the things that could go wrong. We start to make negative and inaccurate assumptions about ourselves, others and our world around us through this “black” colored lens. Eventually, this affects our core beliefs about ourselves – feeling unworthy and unlovable. 
I see feelings of sadness and dissatisfaction as an opportunity for you to look inward and create changes in yourself - an opportunity for change and growth.
In our work together, my hope is to create and hold space for you to feel safe in being vulnerable and to talk about your difficult emotions. 
To help you gain more insight into yourself, your struggles, and needs. To obtain more skills and tools to help manage your symptoms, and to deepen new reflections and gain clarity into yourself. 
Our work together will be a balance of providing you with the necessary support to help you feel seen and heard, while also shifting old perspectives and asking difficult questions to elicit new understandings. My hope is to help you reconnect with your true authentic self.
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My experience with low mood and depression
Over 13 years in the mental health field, low mood and depression issues are among the most common concerns faced by many. Depression and chronic low mood can often occur due to past difficult upbringing and adverse childhood experiences which can contribute to low self-esteem and low sense of self worth.
Unresolved trauma, pain and hurt can lead to feeling less connected with ourselves and stall the healing process. Often our mind may be stuck in the past like a broken record, unable to let go and move forward.
My aim is to hold space for clients to tune into and work through difficult emotions that arise from their past wound to help heal and move forward in their life. To help gain more clarity within themselves and in turn expressing and having their needs met.
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