Building Self-Esteem
& Self-Worth

Creating a safe space to explore;
start your journey to self-discovery and connecting with your true self.
You may have arrived here because...
  • You often feel unsatisfied with yourself and in your life
  • You feel stuck or even lost with who you are and your own sense of self
  • You are searching for more meaning, passion or contentment in your life
  • You have always been a people pleaser, putting other’s needs above your own, constantly needing others’ approval and having difficulty saying “no”
You experience constant negative and critical self-talk and think poorly about yourself
However you arrived here, I’m glad you’re here. Read on to see if my counselling services might be a good fit for you.
You might be feeling disconnected with yourself and unsure of who you are and what you need.
Feelings of resentment, frustration, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and unhappiness can arise when you consistently experience low self-esteem. 
Not feeling confident in yourself will lead to not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It may lead to constant people pleasing, difficulty saying “no”, not being able to set healthy boundaries, and pushing your own feelings and needs onto the back burner.
If this is you: you need a space where you can allow yourself to safely explore and ask difficult questions. To know that you are not alone on this journey to self discovery and reconnecting with your true self.
I support you in improving your relationship with yourself and your sense of self worth.
In our work together, I can help you gain more insight and awareness into your patterns and tendencies, understand how it impacts you and your relationships, and guide you to reconnect with your self. 
My hope is to help rebuild your relationship back up with yourself from inside out while supporting you to increase self-compassion for yourself. 
If you are ready to take your first step into making a change, please book your free 20-minute consultaion.
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My experience working with low self-esteem and self-worth
Often low self-esteem and low self-worth stems from adverse childhood and unresolved difficult past experiences and emotions. Difficulty tuning into our own desires and emotions can also lead to feeling disconnected with ourselves, which lowers our sense of self worth. 
My hope is to help my clients safely turn inward and tune into their vulnerable emotions to seek clarity and wisdom within themselves. In order to do this, emphasis is placed on developing and cultivating emotional awareness and learning to tolerate difficult emotions. Safe space will be created to help heal unresolved wounds and hurts to allow for healing and reconnection with our core sense of self.
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